Friday Streams -- March 17, 2017

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It's Saint Patrick's Day and I'm still digging out after a blizzard. Here's the albums that I'm streaming/downloading/buying this week.

New Releases:

It's their return to Matador after Telefono, the band's '96 debut, and first without Eric Harvey since '02's Kill the Moonlight.

The leaders of Galaxie 500's fan club drop their first LP post Matt Mondanile's Ducktails departure.

One Hitters:

Probably the music news of the week is Feist's return with Pleasure on April 28. One presumes that this is the title track, and is the first new music from her since 2011.

40 years after Pink Flag, Wire keeps it comin'

Off the Radar

Once upon a time, out of college, I thought that I could earn some cred by working at venerable (and now defunct) Louisville record store Ear X-Tacy. The man who took my application was Jason Lowenstein, legendary member of Sebadaoh, bandmate of the the Fiery Furnaces. 

I did not get hired.

Lowenstein is back with a proper record in 2017 ("Machinery" is our first taste). His 2002 debut is, still a great listen.

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  1. Spoon + Real Estate are terrific. Wish the new Feist offered a little more, but within context of the album it will likely make more sense.