Friday Streams - March 10, 2017

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It's a big musical world out there. And there are a lot of streaming options and sounds to fill your side face holes. So, from time to time, we'll try to offer you a map to what we're listening to, downloading, streaming, etc. with bite size responses based on things which (if I keep writing this at this hour) we probably haven't heard yet. Here's this week's edition.

New Releases:
The Magnetic Fields - 50 Song Memoir (Spotify isn't currently giving me a streaming link, will update when I get one)

The write-ups are already monumental and, in the first record in 5 years, Stephin Merrit returns to the giant scope that made 69 Love Songs so popular. This time, the subject matter is himself. Make some time for this, the album totals some 2.5 hours.

June's 2013 Pushin' Against a Stone is probably one of the most underrated records in an Americana-ssance that spawned a thousand insurance commercial jingles. June never played that way. Her bluesy vocals matched well with a minimal, rootsy instrumentation.

Besides The Magnetic Fields, odds are everyone will also be talking about Heartworms, The Shins first album in five years, too.

One hitters:

Speaking of bands that haven't released in a while, "And Boundless" is our first taste of DMST, cousin of Godspeed You! Black Emperor (GYBE), since You, You're a History in Rust

Shelley's Ginko is probably the best record you've never heard. Excited for the new one.


For me, this was always the masterpiece. The expanded edition remasters the old and brings in a slew of live tracks and includes the whimsical (not always a word that you associate with Smith) "I Don't I'm Ever Gonna Figure It Out." For the fist-timer or for the old-timer, there's practically no better musical experience than hearing "Say Yes."


The only soundtrack for your Saturday vibraphone retro party, Big John Patton's Let 'em Roll is cooler than we will ever be.

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