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Hank & Zach 
Hank (center) & Zach (right) 

Hank and Zach met at the University of California, Santa Barbara in 2004 where they bonded over sharing mix tapes of music they were insulted the other didn't know about.  When Zach left for graduate school at Northwestern University and Hank completed his PHD in Playwriting, they decided to create We Listen For You as a means to communicate with each other about the music they were currently enjoying.  

Hank is a professor at the University Of Scranton, PA and has had original plays staged all over the country.  

Zach has written over twenty five feature length screenplays, some successful, some not so much.

Ryan Crist
(Copy Editor)

Originally from small-town Ohio, Ryan Crist earned degrees in film and creative writing from Northwestern University in 2008 and subsequently spent four years in Los Angeles, where he worked on the writing staffs of two network TV dramas. Now, he's working as a freelance writer and living in Louisville, Kentucky.