Friday Streams -- March 24, 2017

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This week's streams feature 2 records dealing with life-changing events and new beats from Madlib.

New Releases

After the untimely passing of Geneviève Castrée, Phil Elverum returned to the room where Geneviève, his wife, had passed and began to record. A Crow Looked at Me is the result of this labor.

Before the release of Portland band Braveyoung's second record, founding member Isaac Young was seriously wounded in a motorcycle accident. He's since recovered and the band is releasing their first record since 2011's We are Lonely Animals.

Who can say no to 18 new tracks of Madlib beats?


I used to think that "Creep Folk" was the appropriate term for Timbre Timbre, then I clicked on this track and heard the synth.

Off the radar

In prep for Café Tacvba's first record since 2012, take a little ride back to 2001 with Tiempo transcurrido. It's a collection of tracks from the band's work prior to 2001 and features the only official releases of "La locomotura," "Dos niños," and "La muerte chiquita." Tracks from what would become the band's abandoned second album.


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