Track Of The Day: Tiny Ruins - "Me At The Museum, You In The Wintergardens"


Hollie Fullbrook, the lead singer of Tiny Ruins, fills her words with overflowing meaning that elevates the impact of each breath to an emotional capsheaf line after line.  Perhaps it's in my musical makeup, but I truly believe that folk music has the ability to excite on the same level of a great pop, rock, or dance tracks.  When a song can perform an emotional autopsy on its listener, melody and lyrics passing over the scars and history of connection between consumer and artists, folk presents itself with its ultimate power...the ability to feel connected with someone not present.

I feel such a strong connection to Fullbrook's emotions on "Me At The Museum, You In The Wintergardens" that with every listen comes the peeling back of layers revealing my own feelings.  The song plays within the boundaries of building sensory connection through emotional swings, but quickly transcends to an epic folk realm when Fullbrook hits, "Nobody feels old, at the museum. Nobody feels cold, in the Wintergarden".  This line, accompanied by a nice tempo change, dramatically places warmth between the artist and listener, defining Tiny Ruins as a creator with control over their perspective and desires to deliver meaning.  With sweeping and intelligently subtle orchestration flourishing through the gaps of a softly strummed acoustic guitar, Tiny Ruins lay out a majestic backdrop for Fullbrook to soar, expound, and ultimately connect with the listeners deepest feelings.