Kurious - "Delusional" (Music Video)

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While Kurious may not be a household name on the modern rap scene, he's been around since the early 90's, dropping a classic album in 1994 with A Constipated Monkey as well as rhyming alongside MF DOOM on both the KMD album Black Bastards and DOOM's solo debut Operation: Doomsday.  Since that time he had been largely absent from the rap game until the release of his 2nd solo album II in 2009.  I doubt Kurious will ever begin to release music on a consistent basis, which makes it all the more impressive that every time he resurfaces not only does he remind me how dope he is, but always seems to have improved along the way.

His new single "Delusional" and its accompanying video are a perfect example of how a rapper from a completely different era can stay relevant not by catering their sound to a certain audience or trend, but by just being true to their self.  Kurious has always had an ability to mix humor, honesty, and slick observations to create multidimensional songs that you can keep coming back to and "Delusional" is no exception.  His songs have always been visual, but to this point he's never had a video do one justice.  That's not the case here as Kurious's head is completely removed from his body, matching his unhinged delivery perfectly.  His music has always had a tinge of psychedelia and the video does a great job capturing the schizophrenic nature of his verses.


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