Track Of The Day: Dent May - "Born Too Late"

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For some, Dent May is a weird guy.  In my opinion, May knows exactly who he is and has no problem adhering to his own standards of what makes a contemporary rock star - which, for artists like May, Bradford Cox, and Mac DeMarco, simply means exposing their full personalities to their fans/listeners. Since the 90s, "indie" music has transformed into a bizarre state where an accepted image (clothes/physical appearance/actions) is expected.  With May, his sounds can change from album to album, humor is valued, and anything that is expected holds zero influence on him as an artist.

Which leads us to the first track from May's upcoming LP, Warm Blanket, "Born Too Late."  The fantastically bizarre single opens with a beat and with May clearing his throat as if he's about to launch into a rap. Instead, the song takes a left turn with growing, bubbling synths, backing harmonies, and May's notable smooth vocals. It's a slick song that'll certainly arch some eyebrows, with stylish and exotic flourishes that build and build throughout the song.  As with most of May's work, "Born Too Late" is extremely accessible, but there is so much more than a nice toe-tapper here.  "Born Too Late" is just another great document of May as himself, a truly unique songwriter,one who indulges in the sounds he loves and not for anyone else.  Here's to hoping that May never starts doubting who he is as an artist because he's continuing to give us sounds no other musician dares to offer.

Dent May
Warm Blanket
Release Date: August 27th, 2013
Label: Paw Tracks
(limited edition vinyl)

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