The Dismemberment Plan's New Album "Uncanney Valley" out Oct. 15

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Seconds ago, I was joking with Zach that today was a big news day:  Paula Deen's a racist, a NFL tight end might be a murderer, DOMA was struck down...

And now this:  The Dismemberment Plan will release their new album, the first since 2001's Change on October 15.  The record, titled Uncanney Valley, will include 10 new tracks:

1. No One's Saying Nothing
2. Waiting
3. Invisible
4. White Collar White Trash
5. Living in Song
6. Lookin'
7.  Daddy Was a Real Good Dancer
8.  Mexico City Christmas
9.  Go and Get It
10.  Let's Just Go to the Dogs Tonight

No word on a label yet, but it'll be available digitally, on CDs for you hipsters, and 12" Vinyl.

Here are some fan vids of some of the songs

"Daddy Was a Real Good Dancer"

"Mexico City Christmas"



"Living in Song"

Okay, we can all go to bed and call this one a good day.


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