WLFY's Holiday Gift To Music Guide

I worked for a few weeks on a draft post called the "WLFY Holiday Gift Guide" that was jam packed with deluxe vinyl, cool turntables, and other expensive stuff that is nice to look at but would really have zero impact on anything.  After trashing that document, I started the "WLFY's Holiday Gift To Music Guide" where I trimmed all the fat and picked only three items that won't break your wallet, give you something nice, and most importantly contribute directly to those who are doing great work in the music scene.  I really hope that some of you reading considering buying one or all three of these, as they are far and away my picks for you to spend your hard earned money on.


I'm not the biggest fan of spending money on just a digital download.  I prefer wax or cassettes, something physical.  The third volume of Flannelgraph Record's The Holidays Don't Have To Be So Rotten might be the exception to the rule.  It's a perfectly curated thirty-four track instrumental album that features works from WLFY favorites Advance Base, Bro. Stephen, Candy Claws, Mike Adams, and many more.  It's the perfect soundtrack for your hipper Christmas parties and gives a chance for Bing Crosby to take a breather for a bit.

Even though this music stands on its own and should be purchased, it's a must download because ALL MONEY raised will go to benefit the Middle Way House in Bloomington, IN, a domestic violence/rape crisis shelter.  The money will be used to buy Christmas gifts for the children currently at the Middle Way House.  For more info: www.middlewayhouse.org.

COST: $10


Hi, my name is Zach Hart and I've never given Daytrotter a cent...and I have loved their website for years.  I'm ashamed.  It's all out in the open.  It's just one of those Internet zombie things, where I've loved the work of Daytrotter for a long time and once they switched over to charging, I just stopped visiting.  Recently, I took a look at their subscription cost and just felt like a horrible music fan.  For a full year access to all of Daytrotter's downloads and sessions...it costs $24.  That's $2 a month.  Come on.  It's just a one sided mentality that kept me from being a member...it costs ME $24...but I never thought about how reasonable that price is for a.) what you get b.) how hard the Daytrotter staff works/the quality content they produce.  I'm in.  After this post goes up, I'm becoming a member and hope you do the same.

COST: $24


Most of us have had that moment where we consider how cool it would be to blend two of our loves together and make a business out of it.  I like bowling and drinking...a mixology bowling class.  Bad example, but you know what I mean.  Turntable Kitchen did more than dream or talk about their love, they did it.  The result is a monthly "paring box" the features a limited 7" record, digital download, food recipe, dried spices, and occasional bonuses...all wrapped into a neat package that will have you pulling out the old Instragram to show off.  The price is $25 a month, so I recommend giving Turntable Kitchen a try at least once, treat yourself, and if you fall in love, become a regular member.  Why I plan to buy this holiday is I want to support people with wild ideas like this, make sure they can keep going, and yeah, the package itself is well worth the money.  

COST: $25


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