Help the Bowerbirds Make New Music and Go All Green 'n Stuff

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If there's a band which seems to be able to channel consciousness into its music, it's the Bowerbirds.  Their album, The Clearing, isn't popping up as much as it should on year-end lists, or at least not as well as it's going to pop up on mine, but The Bowerbirds have bigger fish to fry.  Namely:  saving the world one album at a time with their solar powered recording studio which will be where the band will record their new album and Phil will record a debut for his new moniker, Island Dweller.  There's all kinds of goodies to go with pledging including unreleased tracks and special magical amulets which will protect you from bullets and stuff.

Help out The Bowerbirds here.  Consider it a kind of X-mas present for them and Mother Earth.


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