Track Of The Day: Starfucker - "While I'm Alive"

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It's easy to make people dance. However, it's extremely hard to make music that creates a blissful moment where happiness is elevated.  Yes, Starfucker, can be easily defined as a synth dance band, but track after track, album after album, they've proven to be much more.  Their newest offering, "While I'm Alive", the first taste off Miracle Mile, can service the most packed dance floor and at the same time act as a guide on those introspective walks alone with headphones on.  

It's this ability to cover all the bases of emotion that makes Starfucker so valuable to the current world of music. They deliver exactly what mainstream audiences and alternative fans both crave...all wrapped up nicely in one document.  What really makes me hopeful for Miracle Mile is that "While I'm Alive" has an looseness that has been missing from the band on previous efforts (both which I still enjoyed).  The band seems to be turning their backs and focusing on what themselves would find appealing and the result is one of their best tracks in years.  Miracle Mile has catapulted up the list of my most anticipated albums of 2013.  With "While I'm Alive," happiness has a new theme song.

"While I'm Alive"
From Miracle Mile
Polyvinyl Records
February 19th, 2013


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