Track Of The Day: Born Gold - "Alabaster Bodyworlds"

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Where most bands change their name due to copyright issues, too many other bands sharing the same name, or lack of goggle ability, Gobble Gobble's switch to Born Gold seems more about transformation rather than necessity.  If the new track "Alabaster Bodyworlds" is any indication, the band is not transforming their sound, rather the project known as Gobble Gobble has morphed into something they never expected, the dream of being a full time band has become a reality and while they are Gobble Gobble no more, what that project has accomplished is the prologue to Born Gold.  

The band, with their high energy shows and singles that claw out of the headphones and shake every nerves of the listener, have found themselves gathering adoring fans day after day.  This is an exciting time for a band that deserves everything that's coming to them.  Their first release as Born Gold is a singles compilation and is LIMITED TO 300 copies, exclusively sold on Insound.  This is a WLFY highly recommended purchase.  

Born Gold Alabaster Bodyworlds

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  1. I just ordered this. I love everything that Gobble Gobble/Born Gold put out. I am super psyched to get this in the post!