Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin - "Tape Club"

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I'm on my third listen to the new Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin album, "Tape Club", a twenty-six song double record that finds the band sharing over ten years worth of material.  They combed over a hundred songs and chose the twenty-six best tracks and without this precursor it would be impossible to tell all these songs weren't written with a single album in mind.  "Tape Club" shows off SSLYBY as a group of gentle geniuses, less concerned with flashy moments, rather letting their slow stewing tunes melt into every part of the listeners emotional core.  With nine track albums becoming standard procedure, I had to recondition myself to absorb so many songs on one record.  In the same way as Joanna Newsom's three record "Have One On Me", "Tape Club" is not something a listener can grasp on first listen.  It will take some time with the album, multiple spins, and I miss that about music.  The state of the album exists in momentary reactions, a listener can fall in love with a record immediately and move on to the next just as quickly.  "Tape Club"  is packed to the brim with enjoyable moments and songs, but the true achievement here is the reconditioning of what an album can be and SSLYBY doing so in a way where the album shines from open to close.  

"Old Tape" is streaming in full on Bandcamp, available to download for $8, or on special edition 500 maroon vinyl from Polyvinyl.  


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