SPOTWLFY MIX #004: Stephen Malkmus & An Incomplete List of My Favorite Stephen Malkmus Lyrics

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Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks latest burner, Mirror Traffic, "drops" on Tuesday, so our obvious Spotify mix this week is a quick retrospective of his career and for bonus, I've got some of my favorite lyrics for you to munch on.

1. "Career, career, career, career, korea, korea, KOREA!, KOREA!" - "Cut Your Hair"
2. "Freeze don't move / you've been chosen as an extra / in the movie adaptation / of the sequel to your life" - "Shady Lane"
3. "I've got a heavy coat / it's filled with rocks and sand" - "Summer Babe"
4. "Upstairs Mama's making some crepes, yeah / From a fancy recipe book / To Me the just look like tortillas / Boy, that Mama can cook" - "Mama"
5. "Martha wants Jackie / Jackie wants William / But William wants Leroy / But Leroy is straight" - "Craw Song"
6. "Watch out for the Gypsy children in electric dresses they're insane / I hear they live in crematoriums and smoke your remains" - "You are a Light"
7. "You're the kind of girl I like / Because you're empty / And I'm empty / And you can never quarantine the past" - "Gold Soundz"

Drop your fav. lyrics in the comments

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