Nocando - "Little Green Monsters" (Music Video)

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Los Angeles MC and Hellfyre Club founder Nocando might be more well known for his world class freestyling ability than for his actual musical output, but I have a feeling that might change after the release of his upcoming 2nd solo album Jimmy The Burnout.  The lead single “Little Green Monsters” just received a killer video treatment that makes an already really cool song that much more memorable.  It’s not exactly clear what’s going on in the video beyond Nocando being able to seemingly transport himself into whatever he’s watching on TV mixed with close-up shots of his blood covered head spinning while he raps and screams, but it works.  It’s simple but disorienting and fits the song’s schizophrenic feel like a glove.  A psychedelic, hazy chorus from Liphemra pulls it all together and makes “Little Green Monsters” one of the most addictive songs of the year to this point.  Jimmy The Burnout drops February 4th on his Hellfyre Club imprint.  You can also listen to Nocando on the excellent hip hop centric podcast Shots Fired with Jeff Weiss from weekly.


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