New YouYourself&i EP

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One of the biggest surprises and treats of 2013 was stumbling across the magically inventive songs of Daniel Gélinas (YouYourself&i).  As if a two part, over twenty-six track offering wasn't enough, Gélinas is back at it with a monthly EP series.

The first EP is Seasons Inside (July) and picks up where Gélinas left off.  The songs are imaginative, emotional, and strengthens the notion that everybody should be paying close attention to YouYourself&i.  The track "Crooked Teeth" is an amazing step forward for Gélinas, who finds himself tightening up his songwriting by crafting a simple, yet powerful track with all of his previous flare popping up at all the right moments.  The lyrics on "Crooked Teeth" are hypnotic collections of thoughts that seem to pile upon themselves and then softly unravel to reveal a larger point.  Seasons Inside (July) is part of a monthly EP series and hopefully as pieces of Gélinas' art are unveiled, more and more listeners will discover this great contemporary talent. 


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