Real Live Tigers - "Denatured" [Music Video]

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Dear House Show Goers,

Odds are you've seen or heard of Real Live Tigers. I know I've been passing through more than one town and happened to have my travels coincide with the band. Hell, I've even let 'em crash on my couch and floor more than once. Hospitality isn't completely dead not matter what the pundits tell you. 

So, today we serve "Denatured," a track from Real Live Tigers' forthcoming LP of the same name, mastered by Paul Gold (Dirty Projectors, Grizzly Bear, Jason Molina), the album is available on limited edition smokey-gray transparent vinyl from Keeled Scales.

You'll no doubt recognize certain trademarks of Real Live Tigers right off the bat from this: a pensive, melancholic tone, the desire for change, how emotional turmoil and urban decay seem to slip by each other with a knowing wink. Yeah, all those things that makes Real Live Tigers great are in this track. 

Enjoy, and I'm pretty sure that Tony'll be coming to a house near you pretty soon.



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