Track of the Day: Karl Blau - "How I Got to Memphis"

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Here's a blast from the past. Some years ago, when I made the acquaintance of Real Live Tigers, crashing on the floor of a house in Arkansas, Tony presented me with "Lightning Bolts on Me Wanger," a mix of total jewels from the indie indie scene and with a title taken from the Flight of the Conchords brilliant tribute episode to David Bowie. One of the tracks was Karl Blau's "How I Got to Memphis," a cover of Kentucky's Tom T. Hall. (Remind me to tell you about his other tunes like "I Like Beer" or how the highway out of Morehead, Kentucky is named after Hall.) Blau's voice hints at the Western part of Country/Western while having what seems to be an ironic aching tone. This track is a total ear worm, and the chorus, I guarantee will pop up for you again sometime, just as it reemerged for me today, Good Friday, when the track seems to be reissued and found its way onto Spotify in anticipation of Blau's cover record out in May via Bella Union. Enjoy!


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