Track of the Day: Marissa Nadler - "Janie in Love"

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Once upon a time, Janie had a gun. Now, she's in love. Well, probably different Janies, united only in name. This Janie, the protagonist of "Janie in Love," is our first taste of the new album, Strangers (order here),  from WLFY-long time muse Marissa Nadler. Nadler's been putting out nearly an album a year since we started this blog (not to mention those times that she wrote for us!) and her work has been characterized with by an ethereal, almost detached sound as her voice lilted above a pensive guitar line. On "Janie in Love," that signature Nadler voice is there, but so are some new tricks like a strong rhythmic backbeat and wonderfully melodic chorus. Listen below: 


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