El Gincho - "Cómix" (ft. Mala Rodríguez) (Music Video)

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It's hard to think of a genre hopper more genre hoppier than Spain's El Guincho. His 2008 record Alegranza sounded like Iberian Madlib. 2010's Pop Negro was an ecstatic ode to pop. And, judging from "Cómix" from the producer's forthcoming junior effort, Hiperasia, (out digitally now, and physically March 11) he's been spending some time spinning classic hip-hop. As always, though, it's hard to find someone who crafts a beat as good as The Guincho (as I like to call him) and a wonderful cameo by Mala Rodríguez only enhances the tune. In other news, it's good to see CANADA (the Barcelona trio who directed the fab video for El Guincho's "Bombay"), the video's directors, moving away from phallic desert licking (see Battles' "Ice Cream" video) while still keeping their 1 second story style and making sure that everyone puts on A LOT of clothes. After all, taking off your clothes just makes you invisible, right Mala?

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