Track Of The Day: Fasano - "All The Voices"


Bob Dylan once said of Roy Orbison: "He sounded like he was singing from an Olympian mountaintop and he meant business."  The newest offering from Brooklyn's Fasano conjures up the swinging emotive quality of Orbison, but instead of positioned on the mountain top, one pictures Matty Fasano blurred by a frosted and slightly cracked window; a small glow from his laptop (which he used to record the album) illuminating a suffocating lack of space. It's in this claustrophobic room where Fasano invites the listener to come elbow to elbow with the musician himself and experience sixteen morphing tracks at the workspace of the artist.  Where most albums are: musician on stage / audience in the darkened crowd...The Factory is Fasano at the paino(and guitar)/the listener on the piano bench with him, watching the cuticles of the player go white as the pressure on the keys cause the blood to move aside.  The Factory invites you to not only experience the final artistic document but live in the frustration, execution, and fulfillment of the creative process itself.

The Factory
Blue Tinted Cassette (ltd 100)