One of the most exciting things about music is that it can surprise you.  My roommate was raving about a singer/songwriter and told me I MUST attend her show.  I figured it would be a good excuse to drink some bourbon and get out of the house, but my expectations remained low.  As I sat in a nearly empty bar with several people on the other side of the room with every intention of talking over the music, the wonderful Molly Sullivan began to put on one of the best shows I've seen all year.  This is exactly why we all need to be open to checking out those bands we're not comfortable with...for transcendent moments like this.  A friend, Greg Ward actually got a few seconds of video where I'm lost in my own surprise at the special talent of Sullivan.

A musician like Sullivan makes the music writers' job easy and extremely difficult at the same time.  I can throw out descriptive flourishes to describe her music, but it basically boils down to an amazing voice and an emotional sensitivity in both vocals and melody that makes her special.  There is a sense memory jump to Cocorosie or Sharon Van Etten but at the end of the day, Sullivan is a unique voice.  I fully expect the music of Sullivan to spread ear to ear after a proper recording and release, but until then, listen to some rough recordings/demos and check out a wonderful live video session through the consistently great This Man Is Not Your Father.