Track of the Day: The Pass - "Be Easy"


Our friends The Pass are back at it again. If you've been following them recently, you might have noticed and outpouring of 7"s that the band will be releasing, 1 per month over the first four months of this year. You can get those here, by the way. "Be Easy" is the B side from "The Same" single. 

One of my favorite tracks from The Pass "Criminal" comes from their debut Burst. Amid the hyper dance tracks on the album, "Criminal" begins as a sort of cool-down song before building into the strongest chorus on the record. "Be Easy" follows in a similar vein with a vocal melange that a smooth riff pulls into an electro composition. Rather than building, The Pass foil expectation by pulling back, using the chorus to underscore the emotive qualities of the song with the plaintive cry "I want to live forever."