Track Of The Day: Dylan Shearer - Meadow Mines (fort polio)


The music of Dylan Shearer is a constant reminder that subdued emotion is an underrated form of expression.  It's not that Shearer doesn't attempt to elevate his songs with a punch, rather, he explores the lightness of sound.  Each note is a wisp; an airy movement building upon gentleness to allow the listener to settle in, get comfortable, and crawl inside effortless songwriting.

On "Meadow Mines (fort polio)", Shearer croons at the pace of a slowing train wheel, chugging along, stuttering here and there to make sure you're still paying attention.  We're no longer dealing with our known perception of time, no, Shearer has his own schedule as a songwriter and is fully comfortable with freezing moments and letting the clock turn back before moving forward.  Even in its simplicity, "Meadow Mines (fort polio)", is a complicated song that has pockets of hidden craftsmanship.  It's in these non-flashy moments that Shearer shines as a unique songwriter who takes turns between the artistic tools of ease and complication to form special pieces of relaxed sound.