Track of the Day: Strange Fires - "Tidal Wave"

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Some days, I swear to God, it's like the older you are the younger you stay. Strange Fires is one of those bands that I could have seen getting together in the late 90s. Built on an unrepentant beat with the chirping of guitars around a droning baritone, "Tidal Wave" epitomizes, for those of you that don't know, lo-fi and why, in the middle of an everything all digital age, lo-fi continues to be relevant. Edmonton's Strange Fires' 4-track sound and DIY gestalt is only heightened by the gorgeous (limited to 50) cassettes that you can purchase of this superb EP. 

More and more these days, I find myself waiting to hear something that sounds handcrafted, that sounds cared for, and to hear that on a track, record, or (in this case) cassette. Strange Fires don't disappoint.


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