Track of the Day: Louis Weeks - "Fold"

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Louis Weeks a Baltimore/DC based keyboard player whose day job entails writing commercial music, and by night, Weeks reimagines his job into spacious electronic sounds. Weeks also plays piano in Soft Cat. "Fold" is the first single off shift/away an album that's taken Weeks two years to put together and was released last week. The gentle melodic opening pulses into a delightful baritone vocal line. As the song grows, subtle mutations transform the track--filling out the lines--as the song twists and turns. Weeks skill as a producer is immediately apparent and the track has that rare quality in electronic music of feeling handmade as if the machines that go into producing the sound were as organic as the vocals that accompany them.  You can get shift/away here and listen to the track below.

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  1. Love the song. Love the album. Love this review. Cheers!