Track of the Day: Andrew Bird - "Pulaski at Night"

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Where I grew up, Pulaski was the next county over. And the only wet county in an hour's drive, so I knew kinds that'd sneak to the boarder after school on Friday, load up their trucks with as much cheap beer as possible and drink it all the 20 min drive back to our country -- Faulkner. For those of us with different taste, Pulaski was the home of Little Rock, and thus, the only place with more than 30,000 people, well, for most of the state. We all wanted to see Pulaski at night. Hell, it was the only place there was anything going on at night. 

"Pulaski at Night" is Bird's first EP since last year and will come out on 11/12. You can pick it up here.


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