Bill Callahan - "Small Plane" (Music Video)

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"Small Plane" is a standout track from Bill Callahan's latest Dream River. In the song a man proclaims his lucky state by being propelled in the eponymous small plane. Callahan's delivery is so terse and deliberate, it makes you wonder if the guy should actually be happy at all or if this seemingly quotidian act is just him deluding himself with metaphors. In the music video, Callahan's portion -- plucking an electric guitar against a black background -- contrasts with a hokey silent movie complete with a soup magnate and a Rosie the Riveter character who are trying to find the "U." The cheesyness of the whole story makes Callahan appear sage like a tormented romantic hero as "Small Plane" becomes a deep romantic testament amid all the silent movie hoopla.


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