Track Of The Day: Quiet Life - "Devil's Kin"

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Portland's Quiet Life is a band that loves to cross a bunch of genres song to song without ever making it feel unnatural or forced. On "Devil's Kin" the listener is treated to blues rock, folk elements, and flourishes of psych, surf, and other small pours of mysterious sounds throughout.  I can't remember the last time hearing a blues guitar riff wrapped around the rolling surf drums found in the Beach Boys summer hits and topped off with driving rock lyrics that read more like a folk song than anything else. It's a bizarre sound confection that only works because the Quiet Life have found a way to make the old sound new and the new reminds us of how great some of the older sonic elements can be in contemporary music.  

Quiet Life
Wild Pack
Release Date: Oct 29th, 2013
Label: Mama Bird Recording Co.


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