Buried Beds - "Children of the Sea" (Music Video)

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Some years ago, I came across a comp which featured a knockout track by the Buried Beds title "Camelia." It wasn't a song that broke new ground in terms of content, indeed, it seemed to pull up all those lost love cliches and embrace them with such ferocity that you know it had to be taken seriously. All the music seemed to be moving in slow motion as a woman's voice lilted:  "Once in a while / I set a table for two / Camelia, you're a flame in my heart / and I just can't live without you." The song was maddening mostly because I could never find the album. I had to hear more.  Today, I bring you some more.  "Children of the Sea" is the first video from the Buried Beds off their second proper LP In Spirit. Here, the electronics meld with some rootsy instrumentation capturing a sense of childhood wonder that's all the more played by the usage of footage from the short film Sister Alenushka and Brother Ivanushka (1953) by Olga Khodataeva.


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