Track of the Day: Cian Nugent and the Cosmos - "Grass Above My Head"

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Running a blog ain't easy. There are days, sometimes weeks that go by and nothing piques your attention.  You feel sluggish because you've been meaning to review X's new album or post Y's video or (godforbid) get Z's tour updated. But the dog wants to go out, and you've got actual work work to do and I mean, really, why are you doing this anyway? Then, you hear something and you remember that the pure joy is sharing music with whoever is out there listening. So today's episode brings us Cian Nugent, an Ireland-based, songwriter whose record Born with the Caul comes out Nov. 12 on NoQuarterRex (not sure if there should be spaces in there). "Grass Above My Head" is a delightful instrumental number that seems to build up like an early Do Make Say Think track but in a way that Bonnie 'Prince' Billy's backing band might.  It's rootsy and adventurous all at once. Perhaps the most fascinating part of the song is how it gets you to move along, not by seeming narrative movement but by harmonic function. The way the guitar and fiddle play off each other. The sounding of the drum. Each one of these seems to pile the track forward as if it couldn't be stopped unless someone shut down its sheer momentum.


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