Great Good Fine Ok - "You're The One For Me" (Music Video)

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I was commenting a few weeks ago that 2013 has been a bad year for music videos.  Almost immediately, The Darcys released a visual masterpiece and now The Wild Honey Pie have produced a music video that is clean, funny, and makes a powerful statement.  I've been brainwashed like many people in what I find beautiful in a mate and music for decades has used such to sell their know, sex sales.

The new music video from Great Good Fine Ok introduces an absolutely stunning woman having a picnic.  She proceeds to make an absolutely ridiculous sandwich and as more ingredients are added, the viewer is forced to weigh the ridiculousness of what she's building against the juxtaposing images of what we consider beautiful.  How is one more or less absurd than the other?  I've always said a true artist makes a powerful statement with the simplest thought and precise execution...that's exactly what the creators of this music video accomplished.

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  1. I went down to the pawn shop to grab a megaphone to promote this track to the greater good of Indianapolis. Many thanks WLFY.