Track of the Day: ARMS - "Earthquake Weather"

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If you glance at the bottom of ARMS' bandcamp page, you might notice an interesting tag: "melodramatic." It's a nice tongue-in-cheek moment as ARMS himself, Todd Goldstein, acknowledges the emotive quality of his work. And let's face it, he may not be too wrong.  There is something that feels melodramatic about ARMS, but in the actual sense of the word -- that is drama set to music. The creepy-crawly opening of "Earthquake Weather" is a case in point. It seems to work itself up your spine until the gentle gallop of the rhythm section takes over with Goldstein's voice. And like a master dramatist, he builds conflict only this time through verse and chorus as yawning guitars open chasms in your ears.

ARMS EP2 is out Today.  Buy it here.


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