New Record Store Hitting Louisville

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You can never have too many record stores and Louisville is in for a real treat with the announcement of Modern Cult Records, to open in late September/early October.  This was just announced and as a die hard wax collector, the news is very welcome.  Check out the details below:

Modern Cult Records is poised to open a store front at 2001 Frankfort Avenue (corner of Bellaire Ave. and Frankfort Ave.) late September/ early October.

Louisville natives Sean Liter and Tyler Chanley will own and operate the store which will feature vinyl, compact discs, books, record players and accessories. Hip hop, heavy rock, avant-garde, kraut rock, psych and international music are a primary focus. In addition to these and other under-represented genres, local and regional music will be featured prominently.

Sean and Tyler, age 32 and 28 respectively, got their start in the music industry at Underground Sounds, a prominent record store in the Highlands. “Music has been so special and important to me since adolescence,” says Tyler. “I feel that in its’ purest forms, music distills a very visceral and vibrant aspect of this world. Being able to share that with people is an awesome and humbling opportunity.” “Growing up, I spent a lot of time in record stores, book stores and watching live music,” says Sean. “I have always felt grateful to the people who ran those shops and venues, people who were always putting things in my hands to read or turning me on to new music. It’s an honor to now be in a position to do the same for others.”

To kick things off, there will be a block party and free outdoor show at and in conjunction with
Underground Sounds on Saturday, October 5, 5pm to 11pm . Entitled Heavy Air, the show will feature the local bands Sapat, Jaye Jayle, New Bravado and space doom group from North Carolina, U.S. Christmas.  It will be curated by the beloved Lowe Sutherland.



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