Track Of The Day: ARMS - "Comfort"

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Todd Goldstein, frontman for ARMS, has a relaxed voice that blooms sentence to sentence and leaves the listener asking how so much emotion can be expressed without stressful urgency or tension. The music of ARMS always seems to be a fight between beauty and how such an artistic expression can be tampered to keep the listener on their toes.  

On the newest single, "Comfort, off the upcoming EP from ARMS, EP2, Goldstein finds himself in his comfort zone of laid back singing held up by smart lyrics and dreamy music that seems to pop up and disappear like a spark.  On first spin, "Comfort" is immediately catchy and a nice toe-tapping tune with a chorus that spins and swings.  The real talent of ARMS is that their verses seem to hold more weight than the choruses, a tough trick to pull off, but Goldstein expresses each word with the utter most importance to the point where the listener not only hears what he is saying, they feel it deep down, word after word.

Release Date: September 2013
Label: Paper Garden Records


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