New Track/Video From Born Gold

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Born Gold, formally known as Gobble Gobble, are the proud creators of some of the best live shows I've ever seen.  The energetic show helmed by Cecil Frena, displays a joyfulness and authenticity that carries over into Born Gold's lush tunes. Frena's newest offering "Hunger" is a bit more sensitive than his previous tracks, but he does so without losing any of the quirky toolbox of sounds that Born Gold is known for.  What is on display is a great growth and better control of the multiple sounds Frena is throwing at the listener.  The track grows and grows, with a true original manipulating the various ways to spread happiness and the love for music on a single song.  The result is a head bobbing, smart, and forward thinking track from Born Gold.

As if a new track and video isn't enough, Born Gold wants to play at YOUR HOUSE!  They'll be stopping by Louisville, KY for a WLFY house party.  Check out this message from Born Gold to find out more.


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