Track of the Day: The Cairo Gang - "Take Your Time"

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One of the most criminally overlooked records of last year was The Cairo Gang's The Corner Gang.  That record was the kind of thing that you had to be in the know of the know to find and get.  The only place I saw it was on Empty Cellar Records' bandcamp page, and it rarely got a mention from most blogs.  Regardless, considering the poignancy with which Emmet Kelley crafted that record, as well as his collaboration with Angel Olsen on her standout album from last year, The Cairo Gang deserves better than to get swept under the rug and forgotten.  As such, shining a light on "Tiny Rebels" seems appropriate. This time, Kelley brings us a shimmering 12-string guitar attack.  It's a little "Tomorrow Never Knows," a little The Byrds, and a little Ravi Shankar all rolled into one.  If Kelly's trick so far has been to insert unexpected flourishes into a heavy folk line, this track is all about the transcendence of the flourish itself.  

The Cairo Gang - Tiny Rebels
Record Label: Empty Cellar Records
Release Date:  July 23, 2013


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