Low - "Plastic Cup" (Music Video)

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You've got to hand it to Low.  Somehow with just 3-pieces, slowcore vibes, and not much else they continue to make album after album of entrancing, enthralling, and elemental music.  It reminds me of Morphine, that seminal MA group who knew that if you take everything down to its essentials (and turn up the bass) that it was all you needed.  Low's newest album The Invisible Way continues and improves upon the tradition that they started.  Opener "Plastic Cup" gets the video treatment with a mousy, cultish kind of lounge singer video.  It's almost like The Nutcracker got going in the 1970s lounge scene.  

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  1. I love this song. Mostly because it's a bold enhancement of Fistful of Mercy's "I Don't Want to Waste Your Time" that doesn't waste my time.