Track of the Day: Pond - "Giant Tortoise"

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Apparently, releasing and touring my favorite album of last year wasn’t enough to keep these Tame Impala associated folks busy; neither was the release of their fourth studio album Beard Wives Denim. Never contented, “Giant Tortoise” marks the first single from Pond's impending new album, flexing Modular’s diverse lineup. Less psychedelic than their Perth counterparts, Pond dutifully craft the kind of grungy arena rock that often becomes the guilty pleasure of most indie rock fanatics, trading chic shtick for blaring guitars and irresistible melodies. Pond have been nothing besides consistent in their recent history, and if “Giant Tortoise” is any indication, Hobo Rocket will absolutely be worth spending time with when it eventually releases on Modular People later this year. If an MP3 is more your style, the group will trade you one in exchange for your email address at their website.


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