Two New Tracks From Starfucker

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Typically a band will release a single, announce their album release date, maybe roll out a music video, and that's the set-up.  Not with Starfucker who have now released three tracks in support of their LP, Miracle Mile (Polyvinyl Feb 2/19/2013).  We've previously posted the magical "While I'm Alive" and now have two new tastes from their full length. 

The two tracks showoff what I love about Starfucker, the ability to write dance floor synth tunes and at the same time have the ability to strip down a little and show some emotion.  The bombastic "Leave It All Behind" is a slow burn in intensity and promises to be a great soundtrack to those great nights filled with up and down moments.  The song seems to be constantly pumping in new synth sounds and switching up the mood, just going with any turn spontaneity presents.

"Say To You" plays a little softer, with Starfucker's patented jumpy electric guitar riff that floats above bubbly electronics.  It's almost an ode to their brilliant debut release and acts as a great foil to the two previously released tracks.  It's in "Say To You" that I find the most hope for Miracle Mile, a fifteen track record, that has already shown great emotional diversity in the three tracks released already.  For a band who have already proven themselves, it appears they're not content on just coasting, and going for possibly their best work yet on Miracle Mile.

"Leave It All Behind"
"Say To You"
From Miracle Mile
Polyvinyl Records
February 19th, 2013


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