Track of the Day: Dumbo Gets Mad - "Radical Leap"

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"I've been lost in thoughts bigger than me." Those are the words Italian duo Dumbo Gets Mad attached to the reveal of their new single "Radical Leap." It's heady stuff, even for a group who mostly dabbles in mind-expanding psychedelia, but they're not wrong either, as "Radical Leap" is their most crushing, engulfing and magical work to date.

As winter is upon us and the sun steadily withdraws from the earth, "Radical Leap" is an entrancing valley of warmth and fleeting, deranged happiness. The twisted falsettos of the vocals, the dripping, exposed guitars that guide the melody, backed with an array of keyboard effects and timely crescendos make "Radical Leap" the kind of twisting, endless track that bears a wide range of emotions. From playful to perverted, it's psych music that's actually honest, not just using the genre as a crutch. "We all want to express what we think matters," notes the band's autonomous mastermind, "and music is my channel." Dumbo Gets Mad are once again teaming with the terrific folks at Bad Panda Records for a January release of their new album Quantum Leap.


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