Track of the Day: Papa - "Put Me To Work"

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It's been a rather quiet year for Los Angeles duo Papa, especially considering the buzz surrounding last year's terrific A Good Woman Is Hard To Find EP. I was expecting a huge coming out of sorts, but with the split of Girls, the band for which Papa drummer and singer Darren Weiss performed with, the project seemed a bit derailed.

Enter "Put Me To Work," the first new material from the group since the aforementioned EP, and a statement that these two are back with more vigor, and vile, than ever before. The track's guitar work is heavy and at times sloppy, but it's all in service of "Put Me To Work"'s overwhelming sound, a sound that by the end of the two and half minutes is nothing short of suffocating. With smashed piano keys and Weiss' strained vocals, "Put Me To Work" is stressful while remaining tight knit. It's this strictly calculated sound that has made them so irresistible from the outset, but on this new track Papa sound increasingly contemptible as well. "Put Me To Work" doesn't belong to a proper album or any other kind of release quite yet, but we're anxiously awaiting for the day that it does. 


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