Track Of The Day: WIDOWER - "Oh Catherine, my Catherine"

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"Did I miss something, was it something I did?"

Subtle beauty is not something you can achieve, it's something inside a person.  Some songs are a bright red lipstick, sexy enough, but other songs, very rare songs, are that all-so-important telling glance that holds more weight than any cosmetic can provide.  With folk music it often comes down to storytelling and truth.  Not that some musicians are lying and others are telling the truth; rather, there are songs where the listener just knows the musician has lived exactly what they're singing about. 

Seattle's WIDOWER has crafted a song in "Oh Catherine, my Catherine" that beams honesty.  The song opens with a guitar that isn't quite sure of itself, a few notes here, a few there.  Then, a softly hit drum drives in and the song finds its focus.  The vocals click perfectly into the tune and the rest is history as WIDOWER spends the next three minutes crafting a song that emotes that subtle beauty mentioned before.  The song allows itself to develop at its own pace and the most powerful moments come when a few seconds of extra pause lead to pure vocal conviction.   

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