WLFY Weekly Recap (Aug 6th - Aug 10th / 2012)

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Titus Andronicus Announce New Album (LINK)

WATCH: Tom Waits - "Hell Broke Luce" Music Video (LINK)

Small Plates Records Announce New 7" (Limited) (LINK)

AUX.OUT takes on the Arizona Music Scene (LINK)

The Quest For Higher Quality Digital Music (LINK)


Yeah, yeah, yeah...I hate on Pitchfork all the time.  Love, hate, or love/hate Pitchfork, you have to hand it to them when it comes to revolutionizing the ease of use/design and the implication of such into music journalism.  This week they rolled out "The People's List", a sleek way for readers to build their top hundred albums since the creation of Pitchfork (1996).  As a lover of art lists, this has been a lot of fun. The wonderful design allows the user to easily compile their massive lists and if their database doesn't include your unknown album, you can add new records with a few clicks.  The list is also linked to your social media and this is where all the fun has been rolling out as friends start revealing their top hundred over twitter and Facebook, sparking endless debate.  Debate and lists, love them both and Pitchfork has invited a way to do so with no hiccups.  








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