Track Of The Day: Está Vivo - "Sweet Tooth"

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This song had me hooked with its very relatable and poignant opening lines:

your light life 
can be so unkind 
to all of us 
who have the heavy minds  

After exploring more songs from Chicago's Está Vivo, it became clear that Vivo is clever with the pen, but complements his fasicnating words with music that rotates from the sublime to the depths of darkness.  It's in this that a folk sensibility takes on a genre crash of pop and experimental sensibilities. The result makes Está Vivo one of the more interesting songwriters I've stumbled across in 2012.  His casual vocals hint at relaxation, but if you bury yourself in analyzing his lyrics, he's anything but carefree, tackling the most complex social problems and constructs of our generation.  I'm excited to hear what Vivo has in store for us on his next full length LP - if he pushes these brilliant juxtapositions of theme and sound, we could be seeing the formation of a songwriter following in Stephin Merritt's very deep and hard to fill musical footprints.  


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