Wes Anderson's "Moonrise Kingdom" Soundtrack Details


One of Wes Anderson's best tools as a filmmaker is having the ability to weave the perfect song/score into his obsessively perfect scenes.  The details behind the soundtrack of his newest film, Moonrise Kingdom has surfaced and if the thrilling trailer (below) hasn't made this an anticipated release, the soundtrack definitely will.  Anderson will be blending music from Leonard Bernstein and the New York Philharmonic as well as French chanteuse Françoise Hardy and the great Hank Williams.  In addition, there will be an original suite from Alexandre Desplat. The most exciting news is that Anderson is finally re-teaming with long time composer and Devo member Mark Mothersbaugh who played a crucial role on Anderson's first four films but was strangely left off the last two. Mothersbaugh will be contributing percussion compositions, which should be familiar if you remember two of the better drum only scenes from Bottle Rocket and Rushmore.  

Amazon has a pre-order of the CD here, with little to no information on their page.  I've been asking for Anderson's entire soundtrack collection to be placed on vinyl and hopefully one day it will happen. Until then, it's almost always a guarantee that Anderson's soundtracks are the perfect fit for his moving images, and with these details it appears Moonrise Kingdom will be no different.   


  1. I agree that the WS soundtracks need to be on vinyl. Maybe a box set or something....

  2. Yes...I would love to have this on vinyl

  3. uggh please please please let them put this on vinyl!!