Track Of The Day: Henry Clay People - "25 For the Rest of Our Lives"

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It's always nice when a band can describe their albums/tracks/sound better than any music journalist could ever is their creation.  Frontman Joey Siara says of the Henry Clay People's new album, Twenty-Five For The Rest Of Out Lives, "We wanted to finally make the record that our sixteen year old selves would have been excited about. Unfortunately the only way to do so was to live for the last 13 years and get some adult suffering under our belt. Now we can direct our misguided teenage angst at our failed 20's."  

All the old standards of the Henry Clay People are present on the new track "25 For The Rest Of Our Lives": Joey's spoken lyrics influenced by Stephen Malkmus, guitars that seem a few degrees away from catching on fire, and a no frills rock approach that greets speakers like some of the best Replacements hits.  The band feels more relaxed with their sound on this new track, throwing everything out the window and just letting loose. The challenge for the Henry Clay People has always been capturing on a recording their manic and unmatched live shows where anyone in attendance becomes an automatic fan.  I've seen these guys over twenty times and still caught three more performances at SXSW 2012 because each time their 90's rock attitude/sound acts as a dip in a lake, a musical refreshment that cleanses all the laptop bullshit and fakers that occupy a large chuck of the "indie" scene today.  "25 For The Rest Of Our Lives" is a big step forward for the Henry Clay People capturing some of that live magic on their records and hopefully the newest album by the same name continues down this exciting path.  


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