Track Of The Day: Bro Stephen - "Patron Of The Arts"

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Back in June we ran a piece on Bro Stephen where we pointed out his unique talent as a singer/songwriter who could visualize the many landscapes of America through sound, something Bro Stephen knows well as a constant traveler on his many nationwide tours. His music seems to sprout up from the earth and have this natural power that is the cornerstone of great folk music.   

Bro Stephen is set to release his new full length LP in 2012 and is giving us a preview in the form of a three track 7" vinyl.  The title track "Patrons Of The Arts" is a perfect intro to Bro Stephen's sincere vocals and floating melodies.  

You can pick up a copy of recommended 7" HERE.  It's limited to 300 copies, has two B-side tracks that will not be on the new album, and features five different back photos Bro Stephen's father took in the 80's.  This is the type of 7" that we love to support here at WLFY and look forward to following Bro Stephen's career which seems to be just now hitting full stride.

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  1. this is a real gem. Scott is a cool dude, and you can't help but be lured in by the soothing, soft tunes. (and that cover picture!)