RIP Sonic Youth?

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This might be premature, but hey we're a blog not an actual news outlet. Sonic Youth played their last scheduled show last night in Brazil, which is a country that seems to be getting all the love as Broken Social Scene played their last possible show there recently as well. With Thurston and Kim's separation, Lee's solo career, and the demise of Gilmore Girls, will the group ever play again?

I remember quite a few years ago at Memphis in May when I was geeked up to see DMB that Sonic Youth was playing at like 4 o'clock on a tiny stage. This was pre Murray Street, an album that would see them reemerge as the experimental pioneers they had always been, but back then, it seemed that the zeitgeist had forgotten them and they ended up in the sweltering Memphis heat with about 20 skate kids while all the stoners were at Blues Traveller. Our listening can be capricious. And it's important that we remember when bands are not.

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