WLFY Soundcast #012 - 2007-2011 Album Draft


Hank and I draft ten albums each from 2007-2011. 


  1. I'm going with Hank.

    He's got two of my favorite 3 albums of the past 4 years in "Sound of Silver" and "Dragonslayer". Having Joanna on there as well was just icing on the cake.

    Zach actually made a comeback later on with Beach House/Shabazz/KoL, but you can't top the beast combo of LCD and Sunset Rubdown.

    Hank, treat us well.

  2. Correct pronunciations for Zach:

    Shabazz Palaces: Sha-bazz (pronounced like jazz with a b)
    Bon Iver: Bone-E.-Ver
    Veckatimest: Ve-Ka-Tim-Est

    As for whose society I'd choose to live in, it'd be Hank's. Also, I would've definitely included Mirror Traffic.

  3. High Life transcends pronunciation. Hank is kicking my ass.

  4. i really enjoyed listening to this. i really would miss Dragonslayer but i'll have to go with Zach's society... surprised no one grabbed Neon Bible to keep arcade fire alive.